About Us

COALZA designs and manufactures high performance packaging machinery for food and other products.

Founded in 1963, the company has been growing ever since, thanks to its solid and lasting relationships both with customers and employees.

Today COALZA is placed as a national benchmark in the packaging machinery industry and is undergoing a quick international expansion.

With over 5,000 packaging machines operating worldwide (2,000 outside Spain) COALZA strives to keep offering cutting-edge technology to its customers, in order to help them increase their productivity.

COALZA has a wide range of packaging machines and complements:

  • Packaging machines with volumetric dosage system.
  • Packaging machines with screw conveyor (for powdered products).
  • Packaging machines with linear weighers.
  • Packaging machines with multihead weighers.
  • Packaging machines for liquids and pasty products.
  • Grouping machines.
  • Elevators, conveyor belts, semi-automatic machines, etc.



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