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COALZA develops and implements automated production systems and processes with maximum efficiency: in the same space, production is increased significantly, and operating costs are considerably reduced.

Principales Elementos de Final de Línea

Soluciones de final de línea y automatización de proceso

Soluciones de final de línea y automatización de proceso

COALZA amplía su espectro de soluciones más allá de las envasadoras verticales. 

Incorporamos a nuestro portfolio de soluciones, las automatizaciones de final de línea, tales como los encajados y paletizados. También creamos soluciones de automatización de proceso en cualquier otra fase de la cadena de producción

  • Todas
  • Vertical packaging machinery
  • Accessories
  • Carousel
  • Compact
  • Double Tube
  • Specials
  • End-of-line
  • Peripherals
  • Dosage system
  • Dosage by Weight
  • Dosage by Volume
  • Tables
  • Conveyor belts
  • Elevating conveyors

Main end-of-line elements

End-of-line solutions and process automation

End-of-line solutions and process automation

COALZA is expanding its range of solutions beyond vertical packaging machines.

We are adding end-of-line automations, such as case packing and palletising, to our portfolio of solutions. We also create process automation solutions for any stage of the production line.

Our working methods

1. Data entry

End-of-line solutions and process automation

2. Preliminary proposal

End-of-line solutions and process automation

3. Formal proposal

COALZA vertical packaging machines have been a valuable partner of the industry since the beginning of the industrialisation and automation processes.

Nowadays, the search for maximum production efficiency, minimisation of downtime, quality failures and optimisation of factory space is permanent.

A constantly ever-growing market invites you to look for ways to maximise the return on an investment in increased production.

Do you need an end-of-line automation solution?

Contact us to develop an automation solution tailored to your needs

¿Necesitas una solución de
automatización de finales de línea?

Contacta con nosotros para desarrollar una solución de automatización a tu medida