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Continuous packaging machines RSC and RSI

Evolution of the vertical packaging machines of the RS series. Packing speed up to 110 bpm. RSC and RSI Continuous packaging machines. Continuous packaging machines RSC and RSI

Adjustable horizontal welding by Pressure setting

Perfect seal

This adjustment, incorporated in our continuous vertical packaging machines, allows our customers to achieve a perfect seal and avoid the dreaded "chimneys" in the seals. This guarantees the tightness of the package.

Pressure setting

The use of high quality and thick films, used for premium and export products, makes vertical sealing difficult, especially when using vertical back welding. By adjusting the horizontal welding pressure, the customer can set different tightness depending on the thickness of the film.

Parameter control

Pressure control can be achieved via two parameters: torque or position. This allows operators to configure different programs via the software depending on the types of film used, ensuring perfect sealing for each type.

RSI vertical packaging machine

Specially designed for snacks, crisps and fragile products.

The maximum guarantee that the product reaches the consumer’s hands in perfect condition.

Incorporates a system that allows, through the movement of the horizontal jaws, to compress the air inside the bag before sealing. This results in a swollen-looking package that prevents product breakage during transport, storage and handling.

Injection of inert gas is very common to prevent oxidation of the product and prolong its life before spoilage.

ProductsContinuous packaging machines RSC and RSI

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