Our staff is recognised in the marketplace for its high level of qualification and, above all, for its commitment to the customer.

Technical Service - After Sales Service

Over 15 technicians to carry out technical assistance and installations. No other company that dedicates such a high proportion of its staff to providing service to its customers.

At COALZA, we know how important downtime is for our customers, therefore, we have a technical service that guarantees an immediate response in the national territory and the ability to go to any country where our presence is required.

Teleasistencia Maquinaria envasado

Telephone support and remote support

We have a telephone and WhatsApp support service to advise and provide our customers with the necessary indications to solve doubts and minor problems that their own operators can solve.

We also offer a remote diagnosis service for those machines that can connect to the internet. Our technicians will be able to diagnose the source of the problem and, in many cases, offer a remote solution.


Disponemos de un amplio stock de repuestos y fungibles de disponibilidad inmediata, para que nuestros clientes no tengan que esperar.

Todas nuestras máquinas de envasado vertical, cintas, elevadores, dosificadores y demás elementos cuentan con un stock de repuestos de inmediata disponibilidad.

Debido a la alta durabilidad y robustez de nuestras máquinas, ponemos a disposición de nuestros clientes repuestos de máquinas cuya vida útil supera en muchos casos 15 años.

Do you need after-sales technical assistance?

Our technicians will assist you and help you with whatever you need.