Vertical packaging machinery

The vertical packaging machines manufactured by COALZA receive bulk product and, with maximum efficiency, form the packaging into different formats, dose the product and close the package. 


Minimal packaging costs

Starting from film reels of different materials, the cost of the packaging is kept to a minimum compared to pre-formed packaging solutions.

Reduced production space

Its compact design allows the packaging process to be carried out in a minimum of space. In the plant, a COALZA vertical packaging machine occupies between 3 and 5 times less space than a horizontal machine for the same application.


COALZA has always conceived the machines to facilitate the work of the operator and maintenance manager. Its configuration and adjustment is very intuitive and can be carried out by any operator who has been trained during the start-up of the vertical packaging machine.

Rapid return on investment

The ratio of investment cost to productivity increase is optimal, allowing a return on investment in less than 12 months.


Vertical packaging machines can be classified according to several criteria.

The first classification is based on the type offilm movement.

Intermittent vertical packaging machines are those that require the film to stop in order to carry out horizontal and vertical sealing.

The process consists of:

Horizontal sealing

Coil driving


Horizontal and vertical sealing

Coil driving


Dosing (from multihead, volumetric doser, screw or other)

Horizontal sealing

In continuous vertical packagingmachines, both horizontal and vertical sealing is carried out without the need to stop the film feed, significantly improving performance in terms of bags per minute.

RS400EP Large Format Vertical Packaging Machine
Packing machine RS-400

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