RS400EP Large Format Vertical Packaging Machine

Packaging machine specially designed to form and fill sacks Vertical. Large Format Vertical Packaging Machine

  • Usually included in the packaging process as a second step after a vertical packaging machine.
  • The special bag conveyor design prevents the bags from deforming entering the large format packaging machine.
  • A double belt tunnel system ensures that the distribution of the product is homogeneous inside the bag and fits and fits snugly into the sack.
  • Particularly relevant in the ice industry, as the most common distribution format for ice bags is to group the 1 or 2 kilo bags into sacks of 4 or 5 bags.
  • Possible configuration for bag formation with handles for easy transport

Instead of feeding bulk products into the packaging machine as is the case with other vertical packaging machines, the RS400EP receives bags and groups them into a larger bag.

RS 400-EP model

Max. width package 450 mm
Networking 400 V (3 Phases + N + TT)
Consumption 17,5 A
Power 4,5 kW
Compressed air consumption 217 L/min
Proportions (L*F*H) 1840*2275*3100

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