Autonomous carousel to form square packages

Autonomous carousel for packaging and formed of the stable double bottom, square or brick-type package, fully prepared to integrate with any VFFS vertical packaging machine.

  • Different configurations depending on the size of the package to be formed.
  • It includes stations for vibrating and compacting the product, an upper welding bender, a station for trimming and discarding excess film, an exit area for the package formed towards the conveyor belt.
  • Suitable for paper packaging.
  • Extensive top package closure capabilities – weld, easy-open fold, and label.
  • Easy integration with any VFFS packaging machine.
  • Industrial touch screen with movable arm to facilitate the configuration and operation of the carousel.
Max. package width (mm) 120
Recommended bag width min (mm) 80
Max. package length (mm) 350
Minimum bag length 250
Mechanical maximum speed 60 b.p.m.
Protection type (electrical panel) IP 65
Safety Normative CE (98/37/CEE) – UL (opctonal)
Standard electrical connection 380V, 3F+N, 50Hz
Maximum power consumption 3Kw
Compressed air consumption 125-250 l/min
Types of film PE, complex, heat sealable and recyclable paper
Blade type Serrated (fine, coarse or special smooth cut tooth)
Probe type J type thermocouple
Horizontal welding drive Servomotor and epicyclic reducer
Horizontal jaw types Constant heat
Horizontal welding temperature control PID (independent indoor – outdoor with communication with PLC)
Control system PLC with touch screen (OMRON)
Integration of peripherals in the control system Yes
Communication Ethernet and wifi
Integration with customer’s SCADA Yes (optional)
Nº of forming stations (carousel) 9 stations
Types of forming stations Reception, Vibrating, Welding, Trimming of excess film, Extraction of excess film, Gluing, Bending, Label application, Ironing (millimeter control of the advance of the packaging box formers in the carousel stations)
Carousel parameter settings Via Software

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