Cup Dosing Unit

Simple and economical preparation of the desired weight by volumetric filling of the cups. Can be used with all types of solids.

They are particularly suitable for solid products that can flow smoothly with a homogeneous and constant density over time.

For vertical packaging of products that may be affected by friction, there is a version that includes covers on the volumetric cups.

The volume of the cups can be adjusted by means of a telescopic system that allows the volume to be increased or decreased by changing the height of the cups in a simple and quick way.

How it works

The system is made up of a rotating plate and a set of dosing cups that measure out a certain volume of product.

  1. Product falls from the feed hopper
  2. Cups rotate to discharge position
  3. The brush discharges each cup
  4. Product falls into the transfer hopper
  5. Empty cups return to the starting position for filling

*The tabletop volumetric dispenser is available for semi-automatic processes.

Cup Dosing Unit

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