Linear weigher unit

The linear weighers are incorporated as a dosing system in COALZA's vertical packaging machines to obtain the net weight of all kinds of products from 20 to 5,000 grs and with a volume of up to 25 litres.

How it works:

The weigher is composed of :

1. Gross chute for dosing up to 95% of the weighed product, allowing a fast process.

2. A refining channel to improve accuracy, by dosing the last 5% of the weight.

This hopper will be the device that will give us the information to coordinate the “start/stop” of the rest of the components.

The volume of product in the hopper and in the channels will be controlled by photocells.

Apart from the PC5000, the “belt model”, these channels are designed with individual high amplitude vibrators, specifically designed to feed high adhesion products.


  • Food contact surfaces in compliance with food standards and 304 stainless steel frame.
  • Synchronisation with packaging machines and feeding system.
    • Available with foot pedal for semi-automatic applications.
  • Use of leading brands in pneumatic, electrical, electronic and load cell components.


  • Different types of smooth finish, 2B, 6WL, 15dp,…
  • Food contact surfaces in compliance with food standards
  • Multiple discharging for desired weights over 5 kg
  • Protection against contamination, product temperature control, …
  • Possibility of inserting a free fall Metal Detector.
  • Customised design of collection funnel according to requirements.
  • Remote control

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