wheat packing machine

Discover the Nº1 wheat packing machine on the market

Our RS-250 vertical packaging machine is the best solution for wheat packaging lines, as it provides quality packaging and reduces production times.

Designed and manufactured by Coalza Systems to maximize packaging efficiency and quality, our wheat packaging machine is the best option for lines of production that require durability, reliability and precision in their production lines.

In addition, our RS-250 packaging machine stands out for its intuitive interface and easy handling, which allows operators to configure and execute packaging processes with minimal manual intervention, reducing technical stops and production costs.

bag width

40 - 250mm

Maximum speed


Max coil width


Maximum consumption


Our wheat packing machine in action

Complete your wheat packaging line

The best option to increase productivity.
Maximum precision and speed in all types of solid products from 20- 10,000 grams.

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System for transporting and lifting the product to the packaging machine dispenser for complete synchronization between the feeding, dosing and packaging system.

Metal detector in the throat for the packaging machine. It allows the detection of any metallic element when the product falls into the bag for the subsequent rejection of bags with foreign bodies

Conveyor belts are the best solution for transporting unpackaged product as well as for transporting bags of packaged product. All Coalza belts are suitable for the transport of food products.

Vertical packing allows automation at the end of the line, introducing product containers into boxes, thus increasing efficiency ratios in the plant.

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