Ice packaging machine

Spain is the second largest producer and consumer of ice in the world, just behind the USA. However, we lead the world in terms of the quality of the ice we consume. For this reason, the main national and international ice producers rely on COALZA’s ice packaging solutions.

The most common Ice packaging machines are :

In combination with Multihead weigher or volumetric dosing units, specially adapted to ice packaging, it guarantees an unbeatable ratio between quality and investment.

For vertical packaging of ice in bags up to 10kgs.

Specially designed for bagging several bags of ice in one sack.

Additional components for an ice packaging line

Ice screening machine

The ideal complement to vertical ice cube machines.. Placed before the vertical packaging machine,

it eliminates broken ice pieces, ensuring that the weight of each bag contains only the right size ice cubes.

Ice dryer

The ice dryer is specially designed to dry ice cubes before they enter the vertical packaging machine.

It consists of a series of horizontal conveyor belts arranged in a cascade. By varying the number of conveyor belts and their dimensions, this solution can be adapted to each case and need.

Ice Tanks

Multiple sizes, capacities and combinations. At COALZA we design the most suitable ice tank for each case, for each vertical ice packaging line.

Ice crusher

With interchangeable comb for different crushing sizes, sieve for separating the frost from the crushed ice pieces with two independent outlets, drawer for collecting the frost and stainless steel funnel

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