At Coalza we are leaders in the design and manufacture of ice packaging lines.

Welcome to 2024! At Coalza we are celebrating an extraordinary start to the year, consolidating our position as the leading company in the design and manufacture of packaging solutions for the ice sector, and we are immersed in supplying the huge demand in the ice sector during this period. We are immersed in supplying the great demand that is produced in the ice sector during this period. Would you like to know our solutions for ice packaging in production lines? We detail them below

Ice packing machine series RS

Our star machine is the RS series ice packing machine. It is a vertical ice packing machine (among other products) which is built to guarantee the robustness of the production line, avoiding production stoppages and reducing to a minimum the possible maintenance required.

In addition, our RS series for ice packaging has a touch screen configuration and optimised software to make the machine configuration easy, and both operators and maintenance technicians can adjust the machine.

The RS series ice packers are available in various bag width sizes, starting at a bag width of 250mm and can pack ice up to a bag width of 600mm. Different models of the RS series are available to meet these characteristics.

Discover all the features of our RS series for ice packaging. The best solution on the market for packaging ice in production lines.

Ice bagging machine model RS400EP

Once the ice production line packs the ice in bags with our RS series, these bags can be bagged in different quantities for distribution, being the most usual to bag in formats of 4 or 5 bags. This ice bagging is carried out by our bagging machine model RS400EP, specially designed for the bagging of ice bags.

Our RS400EP bagging machine guarantees maximum reliability and availability in an ice production and packaging line. It is intended to be placed as a second stage after our RS series packer.

Why buy Coalza’s ice packaging solutions?

At Coalza we have over 60 years of experience in providing companies with solutions for their product packaging lines. We have a great experience in ice packaging lines, being a reference company in this sector, with a large number of installations made.

In addition, our after-sales service is exceptional, providing technical assistance to the customer when required, managing orders and shipments of possible spare parts needed for the installed solution.

Join Coalza’s excellence and experience the future of ice packaging, your success is our priority!


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