Coalza Systems celebrates 60th anniversary at the forefront of vertical packaging solutions

The company has been offering customers from all sectors customised machinery for the packaging of their products since 1963.

At Coalza Systems SL we are celebrating six decades as manufacturers of packaging machines, with self-developed technologies that have already reached more than 75 countries, making us a benchmark company in our sector both nationally and internationally.

The figures speak for themselves in this regard, as throughout our history we have sold more than 5,000 packaging machines, of which 2,000 were supplied to customers outside Spain, which amounts to 40% of the total historical production.

Thus, our packaging solutions are synonymous with reliability, efficiency and productivity for companies all over the world, especially for those in sectors such as the agri-food industry, given the adaptation of machine and packaging formats to the specific packaging needs of the different product ranges in this segment.

Coalza Systems integrates Irta Group Packaging SL from 2022.

As part of our commitment to expansion, we became sole partners of Irta Group in 2022, in order to form a single corporate group that would take advantage of the synergies of both companies in innovation and marketing, under the leadership of Fernando Fernández Garcés as CEO.

Despite the takeover of Irta Group by Coalza, both brands are maintained, with their respective production centres, equipment and differentiated technical support services. In this way, the company’s range of action is stronger and wider.

Precisely one of the main objectives of the merger was to further deepen the company’s internationalisation, with its sights set on the main American, European and North African markets.

Permanent commitment to innovation

Along with growth and expansion, the permanent search for innovation has been another key vector for Coalza Systems throughout these 60 years. To this end, we currently have a specific centre in Palencia dedicated exclusively to R&D&I, as well as to the development of customised solutions for our customers.

In this space of almost 900 m2 with state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified professionals work, specialists with extensive know-how in the development of technologies focused on optimising the automation of packaging processes for all types of products.

To all this, we add our involvement with each customer, as we face each project with the challenge of being able to provide the exact packaging solution required, always aiming to ensure the highest standards in robustness, productivity, efficiency and durability.

We are backed by the satisfaction and trust of countless customers all over the world who use our machines, and know first-hand the importance of having a high performance technology, for whose manufacture we have had to combine experience with a vocation for innovation.

This year, 2023, we celebrate our 60th anniversary as a major reference in the sector, although this birthday is just one more milestone in a long history that continues!


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