A very special 2023 for us

We are closing a year 2023 that has been a cause for celebration for Coalza, having celebrated 60 years since the birth of the company, which is proud of its past, is currently reaping the fruits of many years of dedication and a job well done, but also sees a promising future thanks to its commitment to innovation.

This year has not been just another one for us, as we have celebrated our 60th anniversary, an event that inspires us with satisfaction for the duty we have fulfilled, and rewards the enthusiasm and effort we have put into our day-to-day work over so many years.

But getting this far would not have been possible without the support of companies that have placed their trust in our packaging solutions, and without the collaboration of suppliers who have helped us to provide the best response to the needs of our customers.

Coalza in 2023, figures that speak for themselves

All the gratitude we have is proportional to the fantastic balance we are taking stock of our 60 years of existence in 2023.

The figures speak for themselves, as we have reached more than 75 countries with our own packaging technology and supplied thousands of packaging machines, many of which have been destined for international companies throughout this history.

In addition, since 2022 we have also integrated Irta Group as sole partners, forming part of a single corporate group, led by Fernando Fernández Garcés as CEO, and preserving both brands with their corresponding production factories, work teams and differentiated technical assistance.

In 2023, we have already been able to glimpse the first fruits of this alliance, as we have been able to deepen the objective of internationalisation, to further increase our presence in the European and North American markets. Our sales team stands out for being suitable for both companies, and for being prepared to offer packaging solutions that respond to the needs of customers for both companies.

Presence at international and national trade fairs in 2023

Throughout this year, we have had the opportunity to receive recognition for our anniversary and the affection of customers, suppliers, as well as managers and professionals from other companies in the sector at all the national and international congresses, trade fairs and events we have attended.

This has been the case at important international events such as:

  • Gulfood Manufacturing Food Fair, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

  • SNAXPO Food Fair in Orlando, USA.

  • Prosweets Fair held in Cologne, Germany. As well as the International Packaging Trade Fair Interpack, which takes place in the city of Düsseldorf.

We were also at the International Nut & Dried Fruit Convention, the international convention of reference for the dried fruit and nuts sector, as well as the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago, the big fair for sweets, candies and snacks in the USA.

Meanwhile, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we attended the Rice Market & Technology Convention, the most important congress for the entire rice sector in America. We also attended, together with our partners Automatic ICE™ Systems, the IPIA, the International Packaged Ice Association, held in Austin (Texas), which brings together the North American ice industry.

Not forgetting the major events that took place in Spain:

  • Alimentaria Foodtech Fair in Barcelona
  • Conxemar in Vigo.
  • Fruit Attraction at IFEMA Madrid.

We also hosted the EPIA (Europe Package Ice Association) meeting in Valencia, the European association of ice suppliers, producers and distributors, of which we are members. In connection with this meeting, we held an open day at our factory where we showcased our latest products and services.

In short, it has been a year full of appointments with companies from all the sectors we work with, new affiliations with international distributors, hard work on a daily basis and the constant search to improve our packaging solutions, as part of the permanent commitment to innovation that characterises us.

2023 has also brought the joy of being able to celebrate such a special anniversary as Coalza’s 60th birthday.

With gratitude for everything we have received this year, we wish you a happy 2024.


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